Depend on Krishna

14th September 2014 • Illuminations on Bhakti

Candramauli Swami, SB lecture 8.6.32, Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK, 2013

We are helpless, dependent. When Krsna puts you in a helpless situation then you realize, you are helpless. It’s necessary sometimes to be put in to that situation. And Krsna will do that, just to remind you.

It is not like, “Oh, somehow I have got in to this helpless situation and now I realize my position”. No, its Krsna arranging for you to get in to that helpless situation, so you could awake up to your actual relationship with him. And that is mercy. We like that, we like to feel completely helpless. Materialist don’t like that. They want to feel they are in control, they have the ability, that you can go to them for whatever you need and they can help you. “They have it”. But devotee knows, “what ever I have is the mercy of the Lord”. That is all. The example of Arjuna is very, very essential. To know that anytime, Krsna can take everything away, and in any moment he can give you everything. Prabhupada said that. In one moment Krsna can give you the whole world or can even give you purity of heart. And in one moment he can make you look like you didn’t even begin devotional service, even though you may be practicing for 40 years. That is Krsna, all-powerful. He doesn’t do it as a regular feature, but if it necessary, He will. So a devotees always know they are in a dependent situation.

A Vaisnava always depends on Krsna, on the mercy of the spiritual master, at every second. Every moment, every second, even millisecond. That is Krsna consciousness. Always feeling oneself dependent, helpless. Then Krsna pours his mercy into the heart of devotee.

The demigods, they get little bit overwhelmed by their power and position and then they get in trouble. They get attacked by the demons and they have to run to the Lord to get help. It happens all the time. The Lord is always there for his devotees, but the demigods sometime really have to go through a lot a hell, just to get some mercy. So we want to avoid that. So, devotee never feels independent of Krsna’s mercy.