Helping Others in a Proper Way

14th September 2014 • Illuminations on Bhakti

Candramauli Swami, from the seminar “Krsnas instructions to Uddhava”, June 2013, Croatian camp.

The pigeon is foolish because it has too much affection and concern for another pigeon. This leads to unhappiness.

Sometimes when you are really concerned about someone, if you get overly involved you can lose your individuality, you also become affected by that other person, in a wrong way. Just like in counselling others. A good counselor will be like doctor administering medicine to the patient, and not be like another patient trying to understand the patient by taking the same disease. “if I get this disease then I can also understand how this patient is feeling”

Some may call that empathy, it is not beneficial, because you can’t really help anybody, and you get caught up in their own negativity having to much attachment for what they are going through.

And that also causes you physical problems, not only mental problems, but also physical problems.We have to learn to help others without taking their position.