“How Can I Serve You?”

27th January 2016 • Active Meditations

HH Candramauli Swami

This topic is fundamental to everything we do in devotional service. Understanding this principle requires each of us to know clearly that as living beings our nature and our happiness in achieving that nature rests on the principles of service. When we say service as an activity, we mean service rendered for the benefit of the person being served. Service that is done without this motivation is defined more as using another to get something for ourselves. The dynamics on how service is executed solely for the benefit of the person served is described throughout the scriptures as pure devotional service. When we do something for someone in order to please or benefit that person in some way, then that service establishes a relation with that person that is pleasing and satisfying to both.

In our relationships with other devotees we are required to be always thinking of how to serve others. We must take an active role in thinking of ways to serve other devotees. It is not enough to want to serve only when it is convenient for us. That is nice, but solid devotee relations only develop when we take an active role to think of ways to befriend the devotees and even create programs that will facilitate devotee care and friendship based on service.

Lord Caitanya out of love would bring prasadam to His devotees. As the Supreme Lord in the role of a devotee, His example teaches us that none of us are so exalted that we should avoid serving others. When Srila Haridasa Thakura was unable to enter Jagannatha’s temple, Lord Caitanya personally brought him every day the remnants of Jagannatha’s prasadam.

We all want to be loved, that is natural and intrinsic in finding happiness. Giving love means receiving that same love in return. Loving Krishna means serving Krishna in the form of His devotees. That pleases Krishna much more than direct service rendered to Him. He states that Himself. Those who serve My devotees actually serve Me.

There are three kinds of persons:

a) Those that make things happen
b) Those that watch things happen
c) Those that wondered what happened

In our relationship with other devotees we are thinking and planning how to serve. When we have this mood, then Krishna will guide us in how best to serve.