Iron In Fire

24th July 2015 • Active Meditations

Mother Srimati

Once upon a time a laborer decided that he needed to find a less strenuous way to earn his living. He’d been carrying bricks and cement bags for more than twenty years and the body was really beginning to complain. He explored the different options available for self-employment and decided that he’d iron clothes. It wouldn’t be a capital intensive business; all he needed was a little shop, an ironing table and an iron. Whether it is summer, winter, spring or fall respectable people always like to wear freshly pressed clothes and so steady business wouldn’t be a problem.

He busied himself making a simple little shop on a busy street, and then bought himself a second-hand large ironing table and a traditional village-type iron. He advertised by word-of-mouth and soon enough customers came to check his ironing expertise and his prices. When his first customer came to collect his pressed clothes, he wasn’t impressed. The first shirt was nicely pressed, but the second one didn’t even look like it had been ironed. He complained, “You obviously haven’t kept the iron hot enough. This is terrible work. You won’t see me again.” The laborer-turned-businessman was upset by the complaint and had a genuine desire to satisfy his customers. He humbly asked, “Sir, if you can kindly explain my mistake, I’ll happily iron your second shirt again at no extra cost.” The customer could understand that the man was inexperienced but also honest and conscientious. His heart softened and he said, “You can’t heat the iron once and expect to do all your ironing well. You have to keep the iron in the fire – it should always be very hot – then you’ll be able to do first class ironing.” The grateful businessman thanked him for his good advice, followed it and ironed his second shirt again perfectly and without cost. He now knew the secret of first class ironing – keep the iron in the fire – and his new business proved very successful.


Being Krishna conscious, remembering Krishna, is a moment-to-moment thing. Not that we chant our 16 rounds, hear Srimad-Bhagavatam class and we’re finished for the day. To be dynamic, happy and satisfied in our Krishna consciousness we have to strive towards always being connected to Krishna, always remembering Him — whatever the activity. As Srila Prabhupada so sweetly and simply says, “We should always remember the Supreme Lover, Sri Krishna, and at the same time perform our
material duties very nicely.” — Bg. Introduction.