Krishna Is Polishing His Gems

16th September 2015 • Active Meditations

Mother Srimati

Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful and lovable blue boy who delighted in grazing his cows in the forest and playing there with his dear friends. While in the forest, He would often find very precious but unpolished gems. Aware of their preciousness and inherent beauty, He would collect them, bring them home and polish them. The way He polished them was as unique as the boy Himself. He had a large golden cylinder set horizontally between two golden pillars. On one side of the cylinder there was a diamond and ruby turning handle which allowed Him to rotate the drum, and on the other side was an air-tight lid made of emerald and diamonds. His polishing machine was not only very beautiful but also very efficient and simple to use. He would place the unpolished gems in the tumbler, half fill it with water and then rotate the drum. In this way the gems would rub against each other and slowly, slowly regain their natural beauty and luster. Krishna would often tumble His gems, or have one of His close friends do it. Occasionally He would open the drum to check how the polishing was progressing. Whenever He found a gem suitably polished He would remove it from the drum, dry it, hold it in His right hand and close His eyes in meditation. Then He would happily run to His mother or perhaps a dear friend and offer the beautifully polished gem as a gift. If the jewel was especially beautiful, He would always offer it to His beloved Radhika. Whoever received such a beautiful and precious gem of a gift from Krishna knew it was a token of His love, and kept it very carefully and close to heart. Such are the simple ways of Vraja.


We are Krishna’s unpolished but very precious gems.

  1. If we are very very fortunate, He picks us up and puts us in His polishing cylinder. (i.e, He gives us a bona fide guru, and the association of other sincere devotees.)

  2. He then half fills the cylinder with water (i.e He gives us the bhakti process based on attentive hearing and chanting of the Holy Name.)

  3. He often rotates the cylinder to polish the gems making them rub against each other (i.e Hearing and chanting, and serving, in the close association of devotees cleanses our hearts.)

  4. Sometimes He will check the gems. When He sees that one of His precious gems has regained its natural beauty and luster, He holds it in His right hand and meditates for sometime and then gifts it to a loved one. (i.e When Krishna sees that we have become fully Krishna conscious, He very carefully considers our heart’s desire and then places us in the loving care of one of His trusted dear ones so that we can best learn how to love and serve Him to our heart’s content.)

Sometimes we may find this polishing business a little inconvenient or even very painful. It challenges our many, many attachments, prejudices and misconceptions. But my dear friends, please be very patient and tolerant. The end result will fully satisfy the yearning of your heart and soul. Guaranteed.