Nothing In This Place Is Perfect

30th November 2015 • Active Meditations

Mother Srimati

Once upon a time there was a very simple lady who really wanted to live with Krishna. It’s not that she clearly understood or knew anything of Him. It’s just that she found most people and things in this world far from perfect and had fixed her mind on the idea that Krishna and His world was most perfect. And so she wanted to live with Him.

Whenever her young son would lie to her or come home from school late and covered in mud or steal ten rupees to buy his favorite sweet she would scold him severely. And her self-righteous tirade would always conclude with the words, “Nothing in this world is perfect. And you, my dear son, are far from perfect. My Krishna is most perfect. He’s the most perfect son. Why can’t you be like him?” Her husband was a simple soul who quite often made mistakes or forgot to bring home the long list of things she’d demand him to collect from the market. This greatly irritated her and she’d quite often burst into tears. She was a pious and chaste wife and so she’d never yell at her husband. But her mind would so often scream, “I can tolerate that you’re not as beautiful nor strong as my Krishna. But why can’t you remember to do the simple things I ask of you. Why are you always making mistakes? My Krishna NEVER makes mistakes. Nothing in this place is perfect, but Krishna’s world is absolutely perfect. I don’t belong here; I want to go there.”

“Nothing in this place is perfect!” It was like a mantra for her. Whenever she saw or experienced shortcomings in others or was inconvenienced by challenging or unpleasant circumstances, undoubtedly she would vehemently think and often say, “Nothing in this world is perfect!” In this way she passed her life. Although her preoccupation with Krishna and His world was uninformed, when she died she did go to the world of Krishna. She was charmed by the exquisite beauty of Vrindavana and its residents. But she soon became aware that things weren’t perfect in Vrindavana either. Krishna would quite often come home dirty and He seemed preoccupied with stealing from the neighbors’ houses. If people scolded Him, He would often retaliate by urinating on their floor or harassing their young children. He also wasn’t proper in His dealings with the young girls in the village. This was well known, but the circumstance was never challenged, nor rectified. Days passed and the lady became more and more disturbed. Mother Rohini noticed this and asked her, “My dear, why are you so upset? What is troubling your mind? Please tell me and I’ll try to make you happy.” Encouraged by these words the lady blurted out, “Nothing in this place is perfect! Krishna’s always doing nonsense
and is never corrected. My God is perfect; He’s not like this Krishna. I don’t want to live here. I want to live in a perfect place with perfect people.” Merciful Rohini replied, “Oh, this is quite a serious dilemma you are facing. Let me speak to my son. Perhaps we can help solve your problem. Give me two hours and then we’ll meet again.”

The lady was calmed, and charmed by Rohini’s sweet voice and words and patiently awaited her return. Within two hours Rohini did return and she was accompanied by her son Balarama. “My dear lady”, she said, “I have discussed your unhappiness with my son and we think we have a very good solution for you. It seems Vrindavana is not your home. We both feel you’d be a lot happier in Vaikuntha. Everyone and everything is so perfect there. My son will take you there if you are happy with this decision.”

“Yes, yes” replied the lady, “This sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for your kindness. I’d be very grateful if your son could take me there.” As soon as the lady uttered these words Balarama smiled and she found herself mystically transported to another world. It was a very beautiful world where everyone and everything was perfect. She felt very much at home and very, very happy.


Is my desired goal Goloka Vrindavana or Vaikuntha? Do my personal dealings, sense of discrimination and value structure match my cherished goal? Hmm! Perhaps I need to make time to think about this more carefully. Maybe there are some adjustments I need to make to my mood and mindset.