The Objects of Krishna’s Enjoyment

9th September 2014

Radhanath Swami

As long as we put Krsna in the center there cannot be envy. Envy only happens when we put our self in the center. Otherwise if we see someone else prospering better than us, we are happy. We are in ecstasy.

Because we are thinking Krsna must very much enjoy seeing this person being empowered in the spiritual setting. This person is doing such wonderful service. Krsna is enjoying seeing this person’s service. Why should I compare myself to that person? Garland maker, someone makes better garland than us. A cook, someone makes better preparation than us. Kirtan, someone sings better. Someone gives better lecture. Someone manages better. Someone builds bigger and better temple. Someone has more people honoring them. Someone has a better son and well behaved. Whatever may be in Krsna Consciousness, if we see somebody is doing well, we think Krsna is getting enjoyment from seeing what this person is doing. That makes me happy. But if I am the center, then we are thinking - why I am not getting that recognition? Why I am not getting that empowerment? Why I am not getting those benefits? Why I am not enjoying the way the person is enjoying? It is because we are seeing in the world - the objects of our enjoyment - instead of the objects of the Krsna’s enjoyment. It is very simple. But the foundation of pure bhakti is - Krsna is the enjoyer, Krsna is the proprietor and the controller. Krsna is the seer and I am the seeing and everything else that exists and everyone else that exists is the seeing by Krsna.