We Want to Put Krishna in the Center of the World

9th September 2014

Radhanath Swami

Marriage disputes, conflicts between religions, conflicts between gurus, disciples of gurus, conflicts between sexes and races, conflicts between nations, conflicts between every aspects of human society, animal society, plant society, insect society, jivo jivasya jivanam.

Everyone is trying to eat each other in one way or other. It is all manifesting from this one illusion of forgetting that Krsna is the center of everything. Krsna is the enjoyer. I am the enjoyed. Krsna is the seer and I am the scene. This is the spirit of service. When we have faith in this principle through hearing and we honestly and honestly make that our goal in life and strive to live by those principles, accept what is favorable for developing those virtues and reject what is unfavorable, then Krsna sees our honest attempt. Even if we fail so many times, due to our very strong conditionings, Krsna is very pleased that we really want that - to put Krsna in the center of our lives. We want to put Krsna in the center of the world. He is already there. Bur we really want to accept it and surrender to that, then Kriha will give us all help.