Forbidden Voices

The second book on prison preaching by HH Candramauli Swami has come out of print. “Forbidden Voices” is full of heart-touching accounts of practicing Krsna consciousness by inmates, which will undoubtedly inspire anyone who reads it in their own practice.

As HG Candra Prabhu writes in his foreword to the book:

“What you may expect to find in “Forbidden Voices” are pearls of art, and poetry set back in the recesses of clams or correctional facilities that abate material freedom for reasons of compromised and abhorrent behavior deemed by a society barely above their measure. You will also find the unmistakable flavor of bhakti permeating via aroma as a strong wind carries the scent of jasmine across open fields. By your indulgence you will be drawn to the fascinating artistic spiritual culture presented in this book and will conclude that what is characterized as prison from our relative purview, is simply a microcosm of the general prison house to which we all live in.”

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The prices are as follows:

  • 11 US Dollars
  • 9 Euros
  • 8 GB Pounds
  • 70 Kunas